About The Hall;
Granborough Village Hall was built in 1910 on land donated to the Village by
Ralph Verney for the purpose of building a Parish Hall and Library.
To quote from the original conveyance:

“The Trustees will hold the land and buildings hereby conveyed upon trust for the following purposes:-

For the purpose of a Parish hall and Library to be used by all the Parishioners of Granborough of both sexes and all classes.

For the purpose of public and private meetings without preference of religion or politics.

For the purpose of concerts, games and other forms of recreation and social events to the advantage of the Parish generally.

The Management of the said premises shall be in the hands of a Committee of no less than eleven in number and the Trustees shall be ex officio members of such a Committee.”

The Committee should comprise of the Vicar, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Parish Council and any other Parishioners.

The Hall is an interesting building with a first floor that originally housed a library and a Committee room. During the Second World War Evacuees were housed in the Hall. Since then the library has disappeared and the Hall has been extended and improved so that the upstairs is not used very often. However, it is well maintained like the rest of the Hall. The hall is shortly to undergo a full restoration project.

Restoration Fundraising Events;

Many thanks to ALL who took part and helped to make this another successful show. A high number of good quality exhibits were entered despite the adverse weather conditions this summer. We made a profit of £370 due to the skills of our Auctioneer Colin Carter, ably assisted by Karl McWhirter.  Below is a full list of the prize winners and cups and shields awarded at the Show and kindly presented by Bill McWhirter.

Class                                First Prize           Second Prize            Third Prize

3 Onions – flat                      S McAvoy                P Fisher                         G Barcley
3 Onions – round                 S McAvoy                D Nicholson                 P Fisher
6 Shallots                               P Fisher                   D Thorogood               R Russell
3 Carrots                                P Fisher                   P Fisher                         D Thorogood
3 Beetroot                             R Russell                  P Fisher                         D Nicholson
1 Cucumber                          R Russell                  S McAvoy                      R Russell
3 Standard Tomatoes         R Russell                  R Russell                       F Graham
6 Cherry Tomatoes             R Russell                   F Graham                     B Earney
3 Potatoes – white               S McAvoy                 D Thorogood               P Fisher
3 Potatoes – coloured         B Sear                       R Russell                       D Thorogood
5 Runner Beans                    R Russell                  G Barcley                      C Carter
3 Courgettes                          R Harvey                  D Thorogood               E Moll
Marrow/ Squash/ Pumpkin R Skinner                 J Faulkner                    H Bartley
3 Hybrid T Roses                   F Graham                 J Derry                          P Fisher
3 Sprays Floribunda Roses  J Faulkner                F Graham                     L Addison
3 Dahlia – Cactus/Semi        J Dean                       J Dean                           R Moll
3 Dahlia – Pom-pom/Ball    R Russell                   R Russell                       P Fisher
Photography – Adults          S McAvoy                  F Graham                     A Plowman
Victoria Sponge – Adults      A Fisher                     D Thorogood               H Goss
Fruit Cake – Adults                B Penrice                  C Kemp                         H Goss
6 Scones                                  D Thorogood           D Thorogood               K Doe
Jar of Jam – soft fruit             D Thorogood           B Penrice                      B Penrice
Jar of Jam – stoned fruit       D Thorogood            B Penrice                     D Thorogood
Jar of Marmalade                   D Thorogood            K Doe                           D Thorogood
3 Decorated fairy cakes-       A Goss                       A Goss                         J Goss

Children up to 14  
Make an item of jewellery                   1st Z Miles       2nd  E Bartley
Photograph                                             1st R Goss       2nd  Z Miles       3rd R Goss
Model from a vegetable                       1st J Goss
Robot from recycled materials           1st Z Miles      2nd I Bartley

Children 9 years and under 
A garden in a tray                                  1st I Bartley      2nd A Goss      3rd E Bartley

Children aged 10 to 14 yrs
The Hilsdon-Woodfield Championship Cup for the exhibitor obtaining the most points over all classes, the Henry Hilsdon Memorial Cup for most points won in classes 1 – 13 (vegetables), the Norman Newman Memorial Cup for classes 7 and 8 (tomatoes) and the Molly Seely Memorial Cup for class 11 (runner beans) were presented to Richard Russell. The Tom Kemp Memorial Cup for class 4 (carrots) was awarded to Paul Fisher.  The Mavis Carter Memorial Cup for most points in classes 19 – 21 (cakes and bread),  the Morris Cup for most points obtained in classes 14 – 24 (non-vegetables) and the Miss White Cup for the most points gained in classes 22 to 24 (preserves) were awarded to Davina Thorogood. The Jack Brazier Cup for the best Exhibit in Show was won by Barbara Penrice for her fruit cake. The Harry Rawlings Memorial cup for classes 1-3 (onions and shallots) was won by Sally McAvoy. The plaque for best Dahlias in show was shared between Jenny Dean and Richard Russell the ‘Just Roses’ plaque was awarded to Freda Graham. The Sylvia D’Espaigne Memorial Cup for the Child aged 10 – 14 years obtaining the most points was awarded to Zack Miles  and the Sylvia D’Espaigne Memorial Cup for the Child 9 years and under obtaining the most points was won by Amelia Goss.


Hiring The Hall;

Please Contact Ann Sear on 670314
to discuss hall hire and availability.

Residents: £5 per hour
Non residents: £10 per hour
Weddings & Commercial Hire: £100

You will be charged at full rate from the time you collect the key to the time you return the key.  Please remember to include enough set-up and clear down time in your booking.

For one-off bookings a deposit of 10% of the hiring fee will be due at the time of booking – this is non-refundable if the booking is cancelled at short notice.

Secretary’s Report for 2017/18  Secretary’s Report May 18
Village Hall Contacts;

Chairman:   * David Smedley
Secretary:       Sarah Freshwater
Treasurer:       John Piddington

* In the absence of a Vicar

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  We are urgently seeking new Trustees to maintain this village asset.  Please click here for more information………