Parish Council Role

The Parish Council is a Consultee only.
We are notified of all new applications.
We ensure they are considered at a Parish Council meeting.
Residents can attend to tell us how they would like us to respond.
In the absence of public opinion, the Parish Council responds as they see fit.

District Council Role

The District Council will decide the outcome of the application, for more information on how they reach their decision, please read this leaflet;  Who Decides

Open Applications;  No new applications at present


Please take a look at this leaflet provided by the District Council, it details what they will and will not consider when deciding an application; How To Comment.

If you have strong views about a planning application, you should tell the Parish Council, but also record your response on the planning system, you can access it here.

Sovereign Close

You are probably aware that a developer applied to put 17 new dwellings on the field adjacent to Sovereign Close.  We would like to congratulate the village on the huge number of objections registered against this application.  We are very pleased to confirm that the District Council have refused planning permission.

Granborough Planning Book (2017 onwards)

Application                    Address                                                                                                    Parish Council          District Council       

18/03740/COUAR           Green End Farm Barns, permitted development                             Law, no objections    Refused
18/03505/APP                 Ley Farm, Garage and Swimming Pool                                               No objections             Awaiting Decision
18/01713/APP                 The Old Vicarage, Amended Application                                            No objections             Awaiting Decision
18/03454/COUAR           Barn on Winsow Road, permitted development                              Law but object            Awaiting Decision
18/03294/APP                 20D Green End, Private Stable & Arena                                              Conditions please      Awaiting Decision
18/03034/APP                 Longacre Stables, Storage, Temporary Dwelling, Horse Walker   Conditions please      Approved (conditions)
18/02958/APP                 23 Church Lane, single and two story extension                              No Objection              Approved
18/01911/APP                 Mayfields, Green End – move a stable (retrospective)                     No Objection              Approved
18/02082/APP                 31A Green End – double garage and workshop                                Withdrawn                   Withdrawn
18/01973/APP                 24D Green End – rear single story extension                                     No Objection               Approved
18/01846/ADP                Winslow Road Development – appearance                                        No Objection               Approved
18/01713/APP                The Old Vicarage, Green End, Barn Conversion                                 No Objection              Awaiting Decision
18/00916/ALB                19 Winslow Road, rear extension (Listed Building)                            No Objection              Awaiting Decision
18/00915/APP                19 Winsow Road, rear extension                                                           No Objection              Awaiting Decision
18/00786/APP                Granborough Village Hall                                                                        Support                       Approved
18/00447/APP                20D Green End, demolish and replace dwelling                                No Objection              Part Approved
18/00089/COUAR          Land west of Winslow Road, Barn beyond white gates                   Law not opinion         Approved
17/04581/APP                31a Green End, single story extension                                                 No Objection              Approved
17/03624/AOP               17 New Dwellings adjacent to Sovereign Close                                 Object                           Refused
17/03176/APP                7 Sovereign Close, garage conversion                                                 No Objections             Approved
17/02901/APP                10 Marks Orchard, extension and conversion                                   No Objections             Approved
17/03081/APP                Lathwells Farm, barn to new dwelling                                                 No Objections             Refused
17/00592/APP                23 Church Lane, further extensions                                                     No Objections             Approved
17/00491/APP                8 Marston Road, single story extension                                              No objections              Approved