If you need something discussed at a Parish Council meeting, please come along at 8pm to a meeting.  Each meeting begins with an “Open Forum” which is your opportunity to speak to the Council, after the open forum the Council must follow their Agenda, without public participation. If you can’t come to the meeting, you can telephone or email the Clerk, or you can speak to one of our Councillors.

Parish Council Powers & Duties

All Parish Council’s have to restrict their business to a list of prescribed Services and Duties.  Items on the list below are not what a Parish Council MUST provide, rather a list of items that a Parish Council may be asked to consider or to lobby District/County Councils to provide.
List of Parish Council Powers


DATE: The next meeting is on Tuesday 5th November
AGENDA:  The agenda will be published here no later than Friday 1st November
PLANNING:  No applications at present


These are all of the set meeting dates.  The Council may add hold an additional meeting to discuss a time sensitive issue, such as a planning application.  These will be added as required.

2nd April 2019 8pm
21st  May 2019 7.30pm
25th June 2019 8pm
16th July 2019 8pm
6th August 2019 7.30pm (planning)
10th September 2019 8pm
24th Sept 2019 at 7.30pm (planning)
5th November 2019 8pm
10th December 2019 8pm
28th January 2020 8pm
3rd March 2020 8pm
21st April 2020 8pm
19th May 2020 8pm


The agenda for the meeting will be published here no later than the Friday before the meeting.
Please click on the link above to access the Agenda.  Old Agendas are available below;
190402 April Agenda
190521 Annual May Agenda
190617 June Agenda
190708 July Agenda
190806 August Planning Agenda
190910 September Agenda
190924 September Extra Agenda.docx


The minutes of meetings are published in draft form a few days after the meeting has taken place.  You can access Minutes of past meetings by clicking here.