Granborough lies in North Buckinghamshire and has a total population of 535 residing in 235 households.
Of the total population, 100 (19%) are young people under the age of 18, 335 are of  working age and 100 are of pensionable age.

Granborough is a parish of 1580 acres in the Buckinghamshire Hundred of Waddesdon. It is situated 9 miles north of Aylesbury and adjoins the small market town of Winslow. The village, along with Winslow and Little Horwood, was given by Offa, King of Mercia, as an endowment to St Albans Abbey in 792. Arable farming was almost the only activity and even that source of employment was severely reduced with the change to pastoral farming following the enclosure act in 1796. Granborough population declined in the 19th century, only rising again when the bus and motor car freed the inhabitants to work in nearby towns. The name of Granborough means green hill or fortified place.

Today Granborough remains a rural village with farming the predominant business. As well as 235 households, Granborough has St John the Baptist church, the village hall built in 1910, the Crown Public House, a children’s play area and communal allotments. We share the Sportsfield and North Marston C of E Primary School with the neighbouring village of North Marston.