2019-20 Budget

£11,645 for routine bills
£2,500 for Small Grants
£8,800 in staffing and office costs
£750 in subscriptions
£650 in Cllr Training and allowances
£80 in bank charges
£6,200 for Projects
  £9,336 for reserves

£39,961 Forecasted Spend,
£22,700 requested in Precept


Each year we are required to submit paperwork to an internal and external auditor who assesses out compliance with the law and appropriate spending of public money.  Audit forms from 2017-18 can be seen below.


The Parish Council’s income is in the form of a Precept, collected on our behalf by the District Council.  It makes up a small percentage of your Council Tax Bill each year, the graph below shows a historical comparison of the amount we would receive per band D household, by year.  You’ll notice a rise in years we have taken on larger projects such as restoration of the War Memorial, or replacement of equipment in the Play Area.  Two years ago we also took on “Devolved Services” which means we are responsible for grass cutting the areas owned by Bucks County Council, along with other minor maintenance.


Financial Documentation

The external auditors PFK Littlejohn LLP have completed their audit.  These are the official audit documents with their Conclusion in
the second document;   Audit Paperwork 1 & 2Audit Paperwork 3 & 4
along with the  Bank reconciliation 180404 bankrec, Explanation of Variances 180404 Variances, and 180404 Fixed Assets

The Parish Council also operates in accordance with GPC Financial Regulations 2018