Grass Cutting Schedule

The following dates are the week in which grass cutting will take place, not the actual date of the cut;

8th April 2019
1st May 2019   Weed killing on 13th May
20th May 2019
10th June 2019
1st July 2019
22nd July 2019  Weed killing on 5th Aug
12th August 2019
2nd September 2019
23rd September 2019
14th October 2019

Footpath Map

A map showing the footpaths within Granborough, is available on this link;

Granborough footpath map


The County Council no longer have the funds to provide regular maintenance services within villages.  The Parish Council, therefore, signed a contract giving us the right to cut our own grass verges (within the village), clean our own road signs and carry out some weed killing.  The County Council provide a small financial incentive, the Parish Council pays the balance.

The Parish Council use RTM Landscaping to cut the grass verges in the village 10 times during the growing season and carry out some weed killing.  RTM also cut the grass in the play area every two weeks during the growing season.

Road and Street Signs have also been recently cleaned (May 2019) under the
Parish Council’s devolved service budget, by Jason Franklin.


Footpaths and stiles/gates are the responsibility of the landowner.
Bucks County Council has a Rights of Way department that monitors footpaths.
They are responsible for ensuring landowners fulfil their responsibilities.
Any issues with footpaths can be reported to the County Council by members of the public via their online reporting tool;

Bucks County Council Rights of Way Reporting Tool

The Parish Council are responsible for ensuring the maintenance of two lengths of footpath under the devolved services agreement.  The first is the path from the gate at the end of Church Lane, to the end of the play area.  The second is the alley between the houses opposite The Crown on Winslow Road, to the field entrance.  Any issues with these paths should be reported to the please.