Which Bin To Put Out?  The Aylesbury Vale District Council website has a diary which you can access here.

Household Waste Bin

The green lidded wheelie bin is collected every two weeks on a Monday.

Bin collection is often early so it is safest to put bins out the night before.


Recycling Bin

The Blue Lidded Recycling Bin is collected every two weeks on a Monday.

Recycling Bins may contain; Paper, Glass, Plastic, Cardboard, Cartons, Tins and Cans.

Food Waste Bin

The smal green bin is collected eery week on a Monday.

The food bin may contain any food but no plastic liners, wrappers such as clingfilm or large quantities of liquid such as milk.

Garden Waste Bin

The Brown Wheelie bin is for Garden Waste.
It is emptied every two weeks between February and November.

This is a payable service and you can sign up at

Bulky Item Collection

Aylesbury Vale District Council offer a bulky items collection service.  There is a minimum charge of £75 (non refundable), which will cover the collection of up to three items; each additional item costs £5 up to a maximum of 8 items.
For further information pease use this link;  bulky-item-collection