P O T   H O L E S

Bucks County Council Statement and FAQ’s concerning potholes, click here

To Report A Problem:

Please use this form to tell the County Council’s Transport for Buckinghamshire Team, about any potholes.  If you ask for a reference number before submitting the form, you can track progress.  If you don’t need updates, you can complete the entire form anonymously.

Alternatively the Parish Council can report the pothole on your behalf, you will need to provide details to the Clerk of the exact location.  The Clerk will then visit the pothole and report it using the same form.

Issues We Are Aware Of:

There are approximately 18 defects on Winslow Road which Highways are aware of and have marked with white crosses.  Although we chase regularly, and have made our County Councillor aware of the issue, we are still awaiting a date for repairs.  We have also reported the large hole on Green End by Mayfields Stables, again, we are awaiting progress.