The Parish Council are opposed to the expressway being built south of Winslow and have responded to Highways England, the letter can be seen here;190307 GPC Response

26th September 2019
Cllr Angela Mcpherson has received permission for a Notice to Oppose the Expressway at Bucks County Council.

18th September 2019
Aylesbury Vale District Council voted to oppose the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway. Councillors argued that the scheme would cause massive harm to communities, the countryside and wildlife. They said that it should not be forced upon us.

Highways England
Official Information about the route and progress being made can be found on the Highways England website here; https://highwaysengland.co.uk/projects/oxford-to-cambridge-expressway/

Buckinghamshire Expressway Action Group
This group have been instrumental in arranging talks designed to highlight the possible impact of the expressway on our area.  You can contact them at info@beag.org.uk and they will send you updates. 

BBOWT’s legal challenge
The challenge against the government for failing to carry out necessary environmental studies has been rejected by the High Court.  Please see this press release;  190711 Expressway Court Decision

Further information;
1811 BucksCC Newsletter     1811 Corridor Map       Newsletter 2


Arriva have withdrawn the X60 service through the villages so the County Council have in consultation with the villages concerned, replaced the main journeys.  The timetable can be viewed here;  60 Finalised Timetable


The new unitary council will replace the current District and County Council authorities in Spring 2020.  For information about the process, arrangements, and Consultations,  please click here; https://shadow.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/


Editors and Volunteers Needed

The NM&G magazine team are looking at ways to reduce the costs incurred in producing the magazine to head towards the objective of being completely self funded.
To achieve this there are a few voluntary positions available that will report to
North Marston Parish Council who will maintain the control of the magazine:

  1.   An editor who collates all the information each month from around 50 contacts,
          collates and distributes the monthly magazines, maintains the lists of advertisers and
           subscriptions  as well as look for sponsorship. (15-20 hours a month)
  2.   An editor who takes all the information and produces the magazine using an online 
          package (10 hours a month)
  3.   Volunteers can contribute to aspects of these roles or the complete role. 

If you are able to help please email editornorthmarston@gmail.com


Cllr Peter Wright has retired from the Parish Council after more than 12 years.  The Parish Council are now seeking a new Councillor, to express an interest or for more information please contact Tors on Clerk@granborough.org.

Rights Of Way Reporting Tool

The Parish Council is only responsible for ensuring maintenance of two small areas of footpath in the village; From Church Lane along to the far corner of the play area and from Winslow Road down the alleyway opposite The Crown, to the first Stile.
To report an issue on another right of way, please use this link


There is a proposal to create a solar installation at Tuckey Farm, please click this link for more information;
Elgin Energy_Tuckey Farm


Rats pose a health risk in residential area and as such, the Environment Department at AVDC have visited a delivered letters in the immediate area.  Residents are asked to;

  • Ensure that all rubbish bags are placed into the appropriate wheelie bin and put out for collection each week on your collection day.
  • Avoid scattering bird seeds on the ground as it encourages rats
  • store any dry foods (seeds, pellets, animal biscuits etc.) in an appropriate sealed container, off of the ground

The situation is being monitored.


Local Beekeepers need your help.  Honey Bee swarms are very important.  If you see a swarm, please contact us Tel: 07770370132
More info here; 180418 Honey Bee Swarms


Gigaclear will be working in Granborough over the next month, to connect houses where requested, that were missed by AVB.  Work may cause some disruption and will take place as follows;

20 to the Church on Green End  From 26/8/19 for 30 days, road closures will be used
23-3 Sovereign Close  10 days, date not yet known.


To place a notice on this page, please contact The Clerk – email: clerk@granborough.org