BBONT Expressway Legal Challenge

BBONT are raising a legal case against the Government regarding the potential environmental impact of the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway, because a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was not carried out before a growth corridor was selected.   BBONT now need to raise £40,000 to cover the legal costs.  If you would like to contribute you can do so via their virgin money giving page here

Further information;

1811 BucksCC Newsletter                      1811 Corridor Map


Tell the County Council what you think they should spend their budget on.
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Winslow Bus Volunteer Drivers Required

Please click for further information Winslow Bus Drivers Reqd

Second Waddesdon School Admission Consultation

This changes the rules for admission to Waddesdon School from 2020, please have your say if it will affect your children


There is a proposal to create a solar installation at Tuckey Farm, please click this link for more information; 
Elgin Energy_Tuckey Farm


Rats pose a health risk in residential area and as such, the Environment Department at AVDC have visited a delivered letters in the immediate area.  Residents are asked to; 

  • Ensure that all rubbish bags are placed into the appropriate wheelie bin and put out for collection each week on your collection day.
  • Avoid scattering bird seeds on the ground as it encourages rats
  • store any dry foods (seeds, pellets, animal biscuits etc.) in an appropriate sealed container, off of the ground

The situation is being monitored.

Village Hall Trustee Vacancy

Granborough village hall is a registered charity run by a group of Trustees who are responsible for maintaining the hall and grounds. We currently have six Trustees and should have eleven.
The only qualifications required, are that you live(d) in Granborough and have an interest in the future of the village hall.  We are in exciting times as we approach the restoration of the hall.

We meet between 6 and 8 times a year and organise several fund raising events during the year.

For further information please contact any Trustee or the current Secretary, Sarah Freshwater Tel: 01296 715959


Local Beekeepers need your help.  Honey Bee swarms are very important.  If you see a swarm, please contact us Tel: 07770370132
More info here; 180418 Honey Bee Swarms


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