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You may be aware that Planning Officers base their planning application decisions on a set of policies known as the Local Plan, along with the National Planning Framework.  In Aylesbury Vale, the District Council’s plan expired some time ago, and a new plan has not yet been agreed.  This may partly explain the large number of developers submitting planning applications in the Vale, because they claim the old rules are no longer applicable and the new rules are not yet valid, so there is basis for arguing any decision against new developments.  

The District Council has been trying to implement a new plan for quite some time with various obstacles preventing success and slowing progress.  A plan is now out for Consultation though, and anyone can comment between 2nd November and 14th December. 

Please take a look at the District Council’s poster, advising you how to make your opinion known…..

AVDC VALP key facts Info Connect Poster – Final Oct 2017



Dashwood Trophy

Peter Wright (left) and Richard Pushman


Granborough entered the Morris Cup category of the Best Kept Village competition, which was judged in June 2016.  The Village did not win the category, but did receive an award for the highest scoring runners up in the Competition.

Richard Pushman, Chairman of the Best Kept Village Competition, attended the Parish Council meeting on 6th December 2016, to present the Dashwood Trophy to the village.

The Trophy is a delightful silver watering can, which along with our framed certificate, is being looked after by Councillor Peter Wright until a suitable display place can be found.


We have a vacancy for a Parish Councillor.  If you have a little spare time for an evening meeting once a month and are community minded, we would love to hear from you.  This is a voluntary position but your contribution can make a big difference to the way our village is maintained and enhanced.  With District and County Councils doing less because of budget cuts, we need to fill the gap where we can – please consider helping us.  We are a friendly team, you can speak to any of our Councillors about the vacancy or our Clerk will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or come along to a meeting and learn more…