What kind of place would you like
Aylesbury Vale to be in the future?
Where should we find room for housing,employment community and leisure activities?

A series of drop-in sessions will be held throughout the summer
to coincide with the next round of consultation for the new Vale of Aylesbury
Local Plan,VALP), the guide to delivering growth in the district over the
next 20 years.
This is an opportunity for local people to find out more about the
Draft Local Plan, which has been developed in response to
public consultation last autumn, before it goes before the
Government’s Planning Inspector next spring.
If you can’t visit one of the drop-in sessions you can find out more
about the Draft Local Plan - the background,
policies on housing,transport, and environment - and guidance about how to respond on
our website,
from Thursday 7 July.
How to make comments:
Please feedback online using the link on AVDC’s
This helps save costs in processing data and analysis.
When making comments you’ll be issued with a
registration number. This means you’ll be able to add
more to your submission at a later date.
The consultation runs until Monday 5 September
It’s your plan too, so take the time tohave your say,

VALP A5 2pp 2 up on A4 leaflet
Neighbourhood Policing
November 2016 Newsletter

This is the latest Winslow and District neighbourhood update, covering Creslow, Dunton, Granborough, Great Horwood, Hardwick, Hoggeston, Little Horwood, Mursley, Newton Longville, North Marston, Oving, Pitchcott, Singleborough, Swanbourne, Whitchurch and Winslow.

Winslow Police Office opening hours:

Monday to Saturday
10 am to 2 pm

Equipment marking service – we offer this service from the police office in Winslow. Our team of volunteers will be pleased to carry this out for you. We also have a good supply of crime prevention information which you can take away to read at your leisure.

Local Priorities

Anti social behaviour (ASB)
You said: ASB in Winslow needs addressing.
We did: The number of incidents involving anti-social behaviour has decreased. We are, however, dealing robustly with the incidents that do occur involving the parents at all times.

Another Section 59 has been issued to a motor bike rider for riding his motor cycle in an anti-social way. Again, we received full support of the parents. The Section 59 means that if we see the bike ridden in an anti-social way again we can seize it under a Section 60.

Rural Crime
Datatag has had an excellent response the promotion for marking Land Rover Defenders. The promotion was put in place as we have seen a lot of these vehicles stolen, either to order or for parts, as Land Rover no longer produce this model. The cost of adding Datatag identification to the vehicle is only £60 plus the postage and has been hugely underwritten by Thames Valley Police, such is the concern we have about the problem.

Several churches have had lead taken from their roofs. Some of them have been repeat victims. One church was ‘done’ three times in 3 weeks. Please report any suspicious activity in the area of churches. Don’t just assume that because males are seen in hi-viz jackets on the church roof that they are supposed to be there. Sadly, this assumption was made at one church and thousands of pounds worth of damage entailed.

Thefts and burglaries
We are still being asked to attend thefts from motor vehicles. With longer nights drawing in, this problem will not go away for three reasons, a) owners/drivers are still leaving items, such as purses and sat navs, in full view for anyone to see, b) owners/drivers are leaving vehicles insecure and c) those who want something for nothing will always be around. Lethargy is the thief’s best friend so whilst it might take a bit of time to remove items from the vehicle, lock it and check that all doors are locked particularly if you have central locking, it will pay dividends in the long run.

We are coming to the time of year when we are cleaning garden tools and storing them in our sheds for use next year. To ensure they are there next year, please review the security of your sheds, ie:

• Use a padlock with an incorporated siren which goes off when moved. It is loud, of that I can assure you, having set one off in the police office!
• Cover all windows so it is not possible to look into the shed to see what you have that you could be relieved of.
• Engrave your postcode onto each item. This proves the item does not belong to the thief should we come across it. We can then take it from the thief and stand a good chance of getting the item back to you. If we cannot prove the item does not belong to them we cannot take it from them and, therefore, stand no chance of returning the item to you. Engravers can be bought quite cheaply and by owning one you can then engrave other items such as power tools, spanners, bikes, prams, etc. Don’t forget – your neighbourhood team can also mark items for you.

The Speedwatch teams are working hard in their areas and they are keeping the Police Volunteers busy writing letters to offenders. This month there were more repeat offenders and our Neighbourhood officers have been in touch with them about their repeat offending. Coaches were being driven through Newton Longville at speed repeatedly. The company directors have been informed and they have taken appropriate action with their drivers.

This seems a good place to talk about tyres as the winter weather is fast approaching. One of our officers was on a ‘blue light’ run, had to stop for a vehicle approaching him. The car behind that vehicle applied their brakes and spun 360 degs. When the officer got to that vehicle he found the tyres were bald to the canvas. They are off to court but it highlights how easy it is to spin in good conditions. With wet, ice and snow you would stand no chance. Please check the condition (tread and side walls), pressure and tread depth. It does not take long but it could save your life.

We will be attending the following events:

Remembrance Day Parade, Winslow PCSO Wendy Taylor
13 November 2016 PC Mary Winks

Christmas Stock Show, Market Square, Winslow PCSO Wendy Taylor
28 November 2016

Have Your Say
As part of our policing role, protecting the vulnerable in our society is a Force priority. So, to this end you will see us attending meetings where the more vulnerable attend. Whilst we call it ‘Have Your Say’, community engagement probably describes it better.

Free Church, Newton Longville 10:00-11:00 PCSO Rachel Found
22 Nov, 20 Dec

Village Hall, Little Horwood 10:30-11:30 PCSO Wendy Taylor
8 Nov, 6 Dec

Village Hall, Great Horwood 10:00-11:30 PCSO Wendy Taylor
9 Nov, 7 Dec

Market Day, Winslow 10:00-12:00 PCSO Wendy Taylor
19 Oct, 16 Nov

Thames Valley Alert: is a free service which provides information to subscribers about crime and police activity in their area via phone or email. It also includes information on what we and our partner services are doing to bring offenders to justice or combat anti-social behaviour. You can sign up by following this link:

Contact us: If you want any advice or would like to contact the Neighbourhood team you can call us on the police non-emergency number 101 but if your call is an emergency then dial 999. You can also contact us via email:
– please note this email address cannot be used to record crimes or for urgent matters.

If you have information about crime or Anti Social Behaviour in your area, but you do not want to speak to the police, please call the Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Useful websites and email addresses:
Thames Valley Police –
Crimestoppers for youth –
TVP Facebook –
TVP Twitter – @TVP_Aylesbury
Trading Standards –
Scams – or 0300 123 2040
Thames Valley Horsewatch –
Thames Valley Countrywatch – www.thamesvalley
Granborough Village Hall Needs You: NEW VILLAGE HALL TRUSTEES WANTED
Granborough village hall is a registered charity run by a group of Trustees who are responsible for maintaining the hall and grounds. The hall is for everyone to use and indeed is used regularly by many age groups for meetings, classes, parties and other events. The church use it as a hall and the Parish Council meet there. We should have a minimum of eleven Trustees who include the Vicar as Chairman and a representative from the Parish Council. We currently have nine Trustees and therefore are seeking several new Trustees. The only qualifications required are that you live in Granborough and have an interest in the village hall. We are in exciting times as we embark on a full restoration of the hall.We meet between 6 and 8 times a year and organise several fund raising events during the year. We also support other village events such as the Charter Fayre.For further information please contact any Trustee or the Secretary, Davina Thorogood on 670596.Please consider becoming a Trustee and helping to maintain our historic and rather lovely village hall.New Trustee appeal

Grass Cutting in Granborough
As part of the Bucks CC iniative of " Devolved Services" the Parish Council have taken over the responsibilty of managing the arrangements for Grass cutting in the village. A contractor has been appointed to cut the grass 8 times a year, significantly more than previously done by the County Council. It is hoped that this will improve the genaral appearance and tidyness of the Village
In response to your requests, we have installed a new Dog Waste Bin on Green End.
The bin can be found as you enter the village, behind the “Granborough” and 60 mph signs.
Please start using the bin immediately!
See here for full details Dog Fouling
Dog Bin