Village Plan


With a change of Government and the introduction of the ‘Localism’ agenda
it has become even more important for everyone to be able to have their say.
The Government is committed to empowering citizens so that they can
“take control and ownership over the decisions, forces and
agencies which shape their lives and environments.” In particular, the Government is increasingly
recognizing the role of Community Led Planning in empowering citizens.
With this in mind it was decided to create a Village Plan for Granborough.

In 2009 a Parish Councillor attended a workshop hosted by Community Impact Bucks (CIB). A
subsequent report was made to Granborough Parish Council who decided to pursue the idea of
creating a Parish Plan. An open meeting organised by the Parish Council took place in the village
hall on March 7th 2011 and was attended by approximately 100 Parishioners, many of whom were
young people. The event consisted of a short presentation by Sarah Allwood of CIB together with
an interactive ‘post-it note’ session where residents were able to make comments and suggestions
on a number of subjects under the headings community, transport, environment and youth.

Several residents came forward at this meeting to form a community plan steering group. Two
further consultations took place during the summer at local events. The ideas from these initial
consultations were used as a basis for 2 questionnaires, 1 adult and 1 youth that were distributed
to every Granborough resident in the autumn of 2011. A dedicated team of volunteers visited
every household, sometimes several times, encouraging each resident to complete a
questionnaire. Out of 535 residents, 204 adults and 52 young people 18 years or under, making a
total of 256, completed the survey. This represents 47% completion by the adult population and
52% by the young people and 48% of the total number of residents.

Throughout this process the steering group has been guided by the Community Led Planning
Toolkit produced by “Action With Rural Communities in Rural England” (ACRE), the national
umbrella organization of the Rural Community Councils across England, and assisted at every level
by Sarah Allwood of CIB.

Once the results of the survey were analysed the Village Plan was compiled (as below). There was a subsequent meeting held in the village hall to communicate the results of the Village Plan and the areas that the steering group would be working on. The main areas that the team have been working on in conjunction with the Parish council have been the issue of speeding and the updating of the play area to be more attractive to older children. During 2015 and 2016  it is anticipated that the Village plan will be refreshed and updated to consider the current views of the villagers. Further details to follow

To read the Plan click below

Granborough Village Plan (Final)