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Granborough Village Hall Committee

Secretary’s Report for Year 2016/2017

We currently have 11 Trustees with 2 new people joining us recently. These are Steph McDonagh and Philip Oakland. Earlier in the year we lost Gill Paxton due to ill health and Jo Williams because of other commitments. Both were thanked for their work as Trustees although both continue to support the hall. Fortunately John Piddington stepped in as Treasurer and Sarah Sutton joined us. Our responsibilities are to maintain the hall and grounds to an acceptable standard. As a result of surveys and building inspections we currently have extra responsibilities for raising in the region of £150K to make essential repairs and improve the facilities to the hall. The hall is used by many local organizations for meetings, regular clubs and special events. It is used by the Parish Council for their meetings, by the church in the absence of a church hall and as a polling station. It is also hired out to non-Residents.

The hiring fees remained the same. Our fund raising events have mainly been held to raise money for the restoration fund but also to cover any shortfalls in maintenance costs. These events were varied and organised by different Trustees and included a fish and chip supper, a plant sale, the Produce and Handicraft Show, 2 coffee mornings, a table top sale and Quiz nights. Our biggest fund raiser this year was the St George’s Day fish and chip supper which raised £600. We also have great support from non-Trustees such as Karl McWhirter who organised events such as alternative bingo and a disco.

The Trustees continued to maintain the hall and grounds to a good standard. A working party made up of Trustees and friends helped clear the grounds in the autumn and Barbara Penrice donated daffodil bulbs to replace those damaged around the perimeter of the grounds. These were planted by Sarah Sutton. We are grateful to Brian Sear who keeps the hall clean and carries out minor repairs and the Williams family who mow the grass.

The restoration plans for the hall are proceeding extremely slowly for several reasons. Our appointed Quantity Surveyor, John Nettleton, has finalised a feasibility report that has been pared down to include the essential work and more realistic improvements. This reduced the total estimate to £150K. We have yet to invite builders to tender for the work and from there appoint someone. Then we can begin applying for grants. It is estimated that the work will take 2 to 3 months and the hall will be closed during that time for safety reasons. We currently hold £20K in the restoration fund made up of 2 years of fund raising and donations from the PC and Charter Fayre committee.

Our main aim for the forthcoming year is to proceed with the restoration plans as quickly as possible. Meanwhile we need to maintain our fund raising and involving Granborough residents at every stage. We also look forward to participating in the Charter Fayre.

Davina Thorogood, Honorary Secretary


Jazz Evening


An evening to look forward to: listening and dancing to Lou’s Sextet. The village hall is once again hosting an evening featuring the jazz music of Lou’s Sextet on March the 3rd between 7.00 and 10.00 pm. Tickets cost £15 and include nibbles. Bring your own glasses and drinks, meet up with friends and enjoy the music. Tickets are available in advance from Davina on 670596.


Granborough Open Gardens Weekend

June 1st / 2nd 2018

Granborough Village Hall Trustees are holding an open gardens weekend on the 1st and 2nd June. Several Granborough residents will open their gardens to the public each afternoon. Cream teas will be served in the village hall on both days. There will also be a scarecrow competition open to all ages which will be judged on the Saturday morning and afterwards a prize awarded for the best scarecrow. Each scarecrow should be dressed as a bride to honour the royal wedding. Please keep this weekend free. If you wish to open your garden and have not already registered then please contact Ann Sear on 670314. If you would like to enter the scarecrow competition then please ring Davina on 670596.


Granborough Village Hall Needs You

Granborough village hall is a registered charity run by a group of Trustees who are responsible for maintaining the hall and grounds. The hall is for everyone to use and is hired regularly by many age groups for meetings, classes, parties and other events. The Church use it as a hall and the Parish Council meets there.

We should have a minimum of eleven Trustees who include the Vicar as Chairman and a representative from the Parish Council. We currently have six Trustees and therefore are seeking several new Trustees. The only qualifications required are that you live(d) in Granborough and have an interest in the future of the village hall. We are also looking for a new Secretary and fund raising organiser. We are in exciting times as we approach the restoration of the hall.

We meet between 6 and 8 times a year and organise several fund raising events during the year. We also support other village events such as the Charter Fayre.

Imagine Granborough without a village hall! You are really needed. Please consider becoming a Trustee and helping to maintain our historic and rather lovely village hall.

For further information please contact any Trustee or the current Secretary, Davina Thorogood on 670596.

Future Village Hall Fund Raising Dates
Weekend 2/3rd June 2018 Open Gardens Week


Residents: £5.00 per hour / Non-Residents: £10.00 per hour / Weddings & Commercial Hire: £100.00
Keys to be collected at the time of hire
If you wish to collect the keys earlier then arrangements can be made when hiring
Please allow time for setting up and clearing away
You will be charged at the full rate from the time you collect the key to the time the key is returned
For one-off bookings a deposit of 10% of the hiring fee will be due at the time of booking – this is non-returnable if the booking is cancelled at short notice

All bookings through Ann Sear on 01296 670314