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Street Lights

Street Lights

Granborough Parish Council is responsible for all of the lanterns and some of the columns in Granborough.

In 2012 we undertook to replace all of the outdated lights with newer, more energy efficient models and the work was completed last year.
In response to villager requests, we also added two new Street Lights.

Is a light near you not working properly?

We can’t patrol the village late a night looking for Street Lights that aren’t working, so we must rely on our residents to let us know!  If you  are aware of a light that doesn’t work properly, please contact Tors by email; or Telephone: 670910, with the following information;

Street Light Number; somewhere on the column you will see a number (between 1 and 11) and location.  If you can’t find a number please tell us the location of the light, as exactly as possible i.e. on Bates Close, outside house No. 1.

We will report the problem to E.on, but then have to wait for them to have an electrician in the area to visit.  We are never told when the engineer has been, or whether or not the trip was successful, so we rely on residents to let us know!

Issues we are aware of

Street Light No. 5 in Sovereign Close has been reported to Eon on 7th February 218.  Awaiting an engineer.