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The following is a list of planning applications that have been sought within Granborough Parish – newest applications are first.

The Parish Council is a Consultee only, the final decision lies with Aylesbury Vale District Council Planning Department and more information can be obtained from their website link below.

If you have an interest in an application, tell a Councillor or attend the meeting at which it is to be discussed.  We welcome your opinion, our role in this process is to represent the public view.

This is the link to AVDC;


14/02/2018 18/00447/APP 20D Green End, demolish and rebuild Meeting 6/3
22/1/2018 18/00089/COUAR Land West of Winslow Road Law no opinion Awaiting Decision
06/12/2017 17/04581/APP 31a Green End, single story extension No Objection Approved
11/10/2017 17/03624/AOP 17 New Dwellings adjacent to Sovereign Close OBJECT Refused
23/08/2017 17/03176/APP 7 Sovereign Close, garage conversion No Objections Approved 
21/08/2017 17/02901/APP 10 Marks Orchard, extension and conversion No Objections Approved 
21/08/2017 17/03081/APP Lathwells Farm, barn to new dwelling No Objections Refused
02/03/2017 17/00592/APP  23 Church Lane, further extensions No Objections Approved
15/02/2017 17/00491/APP  8 Marston Road, single story extension No objections Approved 
02/12/2016 16/04223/APP 23 Church Lane, extenions No Objections  Approved
07/11/2016 16/03918/APP 32 Winslow Rd, single story extension No Objections Approved
13/10/2016 16/03680/APP 2 Sovereign Close, Extension No Objections Approved
13/10/2016 16/03612/APP Brownleys, 15 Marston Rd, 3 new dwellings No Objections Refused
11/10/2016 16/03641/APP Point Ground, Winslow Rd change entry No Objections Approved
10/10/2016 16/03603/AOP Winslow Rd, 5 New Houses – OUTLINE See comment above Approved
16/09/2016 16/03333/APP 23 Sovereign Close, 1.8m Fence No Objections Approved 
24/08/2016 16/02998/COUAR Lathwells Farm, agricultural to dwellings Law not opinion Approved 
22/08/2016 16/02900/APP 12a Denham View extension, garage conversion Object – design Approved
08/08/2016 16/02861/ALB Old Post Office, replacement windows Support Granted
15/06/2016 16/02184/APP 12 Park Road, extensions No Objections Approved
11/05/2016 16/01557/APP 3 Winslow Road, demolition and 2 dwellings No Objections Approved
07/04/2016 16/01197/APP  8 Denham View, Extension No Objections Approved
29/02/2016 16/00637/APP 19 Winslow Rd, Extensions No Objections Refused
29/02/2016 16/00451/ALB  19 Winslow Rd, Extensions No Objections Refused – extension
didn’t suit building
25/01/2016 16/00144/APP 2 Sovereign Close, extensions No Objections Approved
25/11/2015 15/03960/COUAR Lathwells Farm, farm buildings to dwellings Law not opinion Refused
12/11/2015 15/03824/COUAR 34 Green End, farm buildings to dwellings Law not Opinion Approved
06/11/2015 15/03743/APP 36a Winslow road, single story rear extension No Objections Approved
02/11/2015 15/03680/APP Amendment to 12 Park Road Application No Objections Refused
14/10/2015 15/03446/COUAR  Lower Green End Farm buildings to dwellings Withdrawn Withdrawn
07/09/2015 15/02819/APP Land Off Green End, extension for hay No Comment Approved
26/08/2015 15/02931/APP 4a Marston Rd, Amendments on appeal No Objections Approved
20/08/2015 15/02814/COUAR Lathwells Farm, Dwellings Need Detail refused
18/06/2015 15/02051/APP 12 Park Road, front, rear, side extension No Objections Approved
15/06/2015 15/01723/APP Mayfields, Green End, Fence & Biomass No Objections Approved
11/06/2015 15/01686/AGN Ley Farm, Grain Storage Barn No Objections PP – required
08/06/2015 15/00978/ALB 19 Winslow Road, replace tiles No Objections Listed Building Consent
04/06/2015 15/01296/ALB 9 Church Lane, replacement windows No Objections Refused
14/05/2015 15/01549/HPDE 2 Denham View single story extension Not Consulted Householder PD – prior approval not required
11/05/2015 15/01464/APP 21 Winslow Rd, Balcony No Objections Householder Approved
27/04/2015 15/01151/AGN Agricultural storage, Hogshaw Rd Not Consulted Agricultural – no objection
13/04/2015 15/00969/APP 19 Winslow Road, Garage & Store No Objections Householder Approved
08/04/2015 15/01149/APP 19 Green End, 1st Floor Extension No Objections Householder Approved
16/03/2015 15/00566/APP Mayfields Greed End, day room No Objections Approved
12/02/2015 15/00411/APP Land off Green End, create manege No Objections Approved
30/01/2015 14/03790/APP Lathwells Farm, riding extension No Objections Approved
23/01/2015 15/00175/APP 15 Church Lane, Extension No Objections Householder Approved
13/01/2015 15/00105/APP 38 Winslow Road. French Doors No Objections Householder Approved
12/01/2015 15/00050/APP 36A Winslow Road, double garage No Objections Householder Approved
18/12/2014 14/03480/ALB 17 Winslow Road, rear extension No Objections Listed Building Consent
15/12/2014 14/03481/APP 17 Winslow Road, rear extension No Objections Listed Building Consent
10/07/2014 14/01941/ALB 21 Winslow Road, Green House No Objections Listed Building Consent
02/07/2014 14/01940/APP 21 Winslow Road, Green House No Objections Householder Approval
25/06/2014 14/01728/APP Green End Stables No Objections Approved
02/06/2014 14/01072/APP Lusitanos Stud Farm, equestrian No Objections Approved
15/05/2014 14/01179/APP 4 Marston Road, new dwelling No Objections Refused
13/05/2014 14/01391/ATP 2 Green End, tree crown reduction Support Consent granted
25/04/2014 14/01071/APP 4 Denham View, convert garage No Objections Householder Approved
03/01/2014 13/03582/APP 10 Sovereign Close, rear extension No Objections Householder Approved
22/11/2013 13/02998/APP 34 Green End, Change of use Object Approved
18/11/2013 13/02766/ALB 9 Church Lane, install heat pump Support Listed Building Consent
18/11/2013 13/02767/APP 9 Church Lane Support Approved
14/11/2013 13/02998/COUAF 34 Green End, change of use message left Denied – full application required
25/10/2013 13/02352/AGN  34 Green End, erect barn Agrigultural Denied – full application required
02/09/2013 13/02296/APP Bracknell House, extension No Objections Approved
14/08/2013 13/02132/APP 11 Bates Close, single story extension No Objections Approved
05/08/2013 13/01697/APP Leys Farm, change barn to residential No Objections Approved – hedge to be planted
21/05/2013 13/01221/AGN Farm Buildings, Hogshaw Road AGN – n/a No Objection – Agricultural
25/04/2013 13/01085/ALB 4 Marston Road Not enough info Listed Building Consent
25/04/2013 13/00962/APP 4 Marston Road Not enough info Householder Approved
24/04/2013 13/01012/APP 23 Church Lane No Objections Approved
18/04/2013 13/00961/APP 4 Marston Road, Infil Amendments Object Refused – appeal dismissed
10/04/2013 13/00547/APP  7 Hollow Hill End No Objections Approved
10/04/2013 13/00906/APP 38a Winslow Road No Objections Approved
08/01/2013 13/00300/APP 15 Church Lane Object Approved

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