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The Parish Council requests a Precept each year from Aylesbury Vale District Council.

This Precept forms a small part of your Council Tax Bill.

The Precept is our only income other than Grants which we apply for when undertaking projects.

2018-19 Budget

the detail…..

£10,915 will be routine bills such as street lighting, grass cutting, maintenance, dog bin service, hall hire etc.
£1,500 will be allocate in donations to charities or non-profit making groups benefiting the village.
£2,000 will be given to the Village Hall towards restoration costs.
£7,400 in staffing costs; salary & expenses, training and office stationery.

£980 in subscriptions to outside bodies and Councillor elections and training.
£80 in bank charges
£12,000 for Projects 

£8,800 will be held in reserve; we must hold an emergency fund, and enough to cover our regular bills for 4 months in the event of cash flow issues.

2016/17 Year End Accounts and Audit Paperwork

Please find below the documents submitted for external audit;

Annual Governance Statement

Annual Governance Statement

Annual Accounting Statement

Accounting Statement

 Annual Internal Audit Report

 Internal Sudit Report

 Year End Bank Reconciliation

2016-17 year end rec

Explanation of Variances

 2016-17 variances

Exercise of Public Rights

Granborough Parish Council must inform the electorate of a 30 working day period during which public rights may be exercised.

The inspection period must include the first 10 working days of July 2017, starting on the day after the annual return has been published on our website, and publication must be as soon as practical after the unaudited annual return has been approved by the Authority.

Working days are Monday to Friday.  They do not include Saturdays, Sundays and Bank holidays.

The inspection period commences on:   5th June 2017
And ends on:                                                14th July 2017

Signed:  Victoria Firth                               Date:  30th May 2017
Position: Clerk/RFO

Financial Regulations

The Parish Council operate to a set of Financial Regulations, adopted in May 2017 and reviewed in May 2017.  You can view this document with the link below;

Financial Regulations NALC 2016