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The Government has issued a new transparency code for small Parish Councils.

To comply with this code we are publishing the following information….

Expenditure Over £100

You can find details of our expenditure in the Minutes each month.  We list each payment as follows;
Cheque Number, Amount, Payee, Reason, Amount of VAT if applicable

e.g.  00365    £300  Mr Jones  Painting Fences  £60 VAT

Year End Accounts

Please check our Finance Page for a link to the year end summary.

Annual Governance Statement

This is published on our Finance Page.

Internal Audit Report

This is published on our Finance Page.

List of Councillors and Members Responsibilities


Cllr Peter Wright (Chair) Local Area Forum
Cllr David Smedley Local Area Forum
Village Hall Trustee
Cllr Philip Oakland Village Hall Trustee
Devolved Services
Cllr Chris Wattam MVAS Responsibility
Cllr Toby Marchant None
Cllr Graham Barclay None

Public Land and Buildings

The Parish Council doesn’t own any land or buildings.

We lease the small play area from the Oxford Diocese and we own the play equipment on it.

Minutes, Agenda and Meeting Papers

Please access our Minutes Page for draft and signed off Minutes.  It is our duty to publish these within a month of the meeting taking place.  Agendas and when appropriate, associated meeting papers, can be found on our Agenda’s page.  All Agendas must be published 3 clear days before a meeting (this doesn’t not include Sundays, bank holidays, the day of publication or the day of the meeting).