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Parish Council Grit Bins

We have five Parish Council purchased grit bins in the village, the location of each bin is marked below on the map;

Grit Bins

Grit bins are purchased from Bucks County Council for £450 each.  This price includes a full bin of salt, restocking according to TfB priorities, and maintenance or replacement of the bin as required.  We do not get a say in the design or colour of the bin!

Our newest bin, installed this year to tidy up the salt heap on Hogshaw Road, has finally been delivered after a lengthy 12 month wait!

Hogshaw Road Salt Bin Salt Bin
Hogshaw Road Grit Bin

Use of Grit from Parish Council Grit Bins

Please remember that Grit from these bins is for use on the Public Highway only.
Anyone may access the Grit and spread it over icy patches of the road or pavement, but it is NOT for use on your private driveways.

TfB are responsible for the grit in these bins, and should you be caught using the grit on private property, it will be considered Theft.

If you notice that a grit bin has been damaged or is low on grit/empty, please telephone the Clerk on 670910 or email

Thank you!