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18th October 2017

The Parish Council meeting was attended by 32 people on 17th October, who in a show of hands, all objected to this application.  The Council has been advised by the working party that the application contravenes planning policy and is considered unsustainable.  The decision to oppose the application was therefore taken.

The Parish Council has a policy based objection document which will be submitted along with a covering letter mentioning some possible technical issues.  A query has already been raised with the Planners regarding the lack of yellow notices and the fact that Section 25 of the application makes no mention of the fact that Aylesbury Vale District Council owns the strip of open spaces designated land, required to access the proposed development.

This is a link to the objection document should you wish to view it;  Response Document

Bucks County Council once owned the field, the conditions of sale included an Overage Provision meaning that 50% of any uplift in the value of the land, must be paid to the County Council.  They are aware that the application has been submitted.

By registering our Objection to the application and agreeing to send a representative to speak on our behalf at the future development management committee meeting, we will be ensuring that this application is not decided by a case officer under delegated powers.  

We would now strongly urge the residents of the village to respond to the application before the consultation deadline on 8th November 2017.  You can do so online at;
The application reference is 17/03624/AOP.

Or you can write to the case officer;
Mr. James Wilson, Development Management, The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, Bucks. HP19 8FF

As stated before, there are only certain matters that the planners are allowed to take into consideration when deciding on an application.  Please don’t waste your right to respond by saying something they can’t consider.

Mark Scholes has prepared a Flyer that the Parish Council has agreed to print, this will be circulated to all households in the near future to help you maximise the impact of your response.  Mark is also very happy to help anyone who needs assistance.  You can call Mark on 01296 670035 or on his mobile 07761 385182 or email

In the meantime, below is a summary of what you can state in any response;

  • The application contravenes Policies RA.14 and VALP Policy D3.
  • A precedent has already been set by the decision to refuse the following similar applications; 17/019707/AOP, 17/00393/AOP, 16/03625/AOP, 16/03614/AOP and 16/03612/APP
  • Granborough is classified as a smaller village, and is already providing infill development on a scale which fulfills its suggested future obligation for expansion.
  • These proposed houses are outside of the existing developed footprint, intruding into the open countryside, adversely affecting the character and identity of this rural village. The footpath on the site runs south to access the play area and north across Hogshaw road, into open fields.
  • The field covers a large area yet the development is only a small part of it which could set a precedent for further expansion in the future.
  • Granborough has no amenities and an infrequent bus service.  For Pre, Primary and Secondary schools children have to leave the village.  There are no shops, post office, doctor’s surgery or employment opportunities.  Adding this number of homes without any form of infrastructure does nothing to encourage a thriving community and would certainly not support the transition to a low carbon future. 
  • The developer proposes S106 monies be used to expand the catchment secondary school but which one? Granborough children are in catchment for Buckingham, Cottesloe and Royal Latin Schools currently.  The Head Teacher at North Marston Primary School has recently confirmed that the school is close to, if not exceeding capacity with no room on site to expand the facility.  Village children are having to attend further afield primary schools.
  • The developer proposes that CIL monies are used in Whitchurch which does nothing to address the lack of amenities in Granborough.
  • The developers supporting surveys conclude there would be no traffic impact from the development. Sovereign Close is a quiet residential area where children play in safety because there is no through traffic.  It contain a number of small parcels of “Open Spaces” land including a green.  Creating access to the proposed site through Sovereign Close would significantly alter the safety and character of this area.
  • Open Spaces designated land is meant to be afforded protection against development unless there are extenuating circumstances, which there are not. Yet the proposed access for this site crosses an area of Open Spaces land owned by AVDC.
  • Church Lane is a narrow road with a restricted visibility junction onto Marston Road. It provides access to both the play area and the village hall which has no parking for cars.  Further housing access on this lane, and any construction traffic, would be unsuitable.

In addition you may comment on any of the following Material Considerations where applicable to you;

  • Overlooking of your land, loss of your privacy, loss of light to your property
  • Noise, disturbance or smells
  • Drainage or surface problems you may be aware of
  • Traffic or Highways safety issues
  • Footpath and Wildlife

What carries no weight and should therefore NOT be mentioned;

  • Effect on the value of your property,
  • Loss of your view over other people’s land,
  • The morals or motives of the developer.

Finally, those of you who attended the meeting will have heard our District Councillor Kevin Hewson offer to communicate with anyone who wishes his help.  Kevin’s email address is;

11th October 2017

The Parish Council has now been informed that the application has been allocated to an officer.
We have until 8th November to submit our Consultee comments.
The working party met today and has reviewed the application and prepared a recommendation to put before the Council.

All residents are welcome to attend the meeting at 8pm on Tuesday 17th October 2017.

6th October 2017

The Parish Council is aware that a planning application has now be submitted to AVDC.  You can view the application if you wish, at  Choose the Simple search option and enter the reference number 17/03624/AOP

Please note the following;

  • The Application has not yet been assigned to a case officer.  This is why there are no yellow notices up yet, and why we haven’t received official notification of the consultation period starting.
  • AVDC have confirmed that the 21 day consultation period will NOT start, until the notices are displayed and notification has been sent to the Parish Council
  • The Parish Council is receiving help via the working party, to form a detailed response to the planning application, this is already well underway
  • The working party will be meeting next week to look at the in depth response, prepare a relevant response for villagers to use should they wish, and discuss when and how to best engage the community.
  • The Parish Council next meet on 17th October at 8pm in the Village Hall, the working party will be putting  recommendations to the Council at this meeting.

It is important that any responses to the planners at AVDC relate to planning policy, because planners have to be able to justify their decisions based on their policies.  We would therefore urge you to wait for our prepared guidelines so that your response has the best possible impact.  The 21 days have not yet started and we’ll publish more information here after 17th October.